Stella Alpina Bed & Breakfast


Stella Alpina, the charm of what is missing.

We don’t have a Spa. We don’t have a large pool. In the rooms there aren’t precious indians woods and and there isn’t the mini-bar loaded with canned drinks. In the bathroom there isn’t Carrara’s marble, and we don’t have a garden with exotic flowers. We are not a five star hotel and we do not use coated paper for our brochures. Someone says that the charm of this place is not in what is present, but in what is missing.
We miss all the things that don’t belong to our tradition and our territory.
It lacks the confusion of a large structure, it lacks the traffic noise, a frantic staff, and we miss customers. Because we don’t call them customers, but guests.
In our house, and before in our family, we pay attention to the true beauty, serving first of all smiles and cuddles.

Our ‘Edelweiss’ born in that way. From a building existing on the territory since 1800 as the residence of a wealthy landowner from Vallegrascia, in Montemonaco. Many generations followed one another within these walls, each leaving their mark, until the abandonment of the house by the last family in the mid 1900’s. We have found it so, with more than 200 years on the shoulders, and it appeared just like an old lady bent by the weight of her years: limping, neglected, full of wrinkles and pains.


It took years, months, weeks, days, hours, every minute of our time, to make it as you can see today. A meticulous, skillful and delicate work of conservation and restoration, done in small steps, inch by inch, to keep intact the essence. With the hard work, dedication and passion of our family, the shabby old lady was reborn and became our ‘Edelweiss’: a portrait of a beautiful woman from another time, in the flower of his age. Now we are ready to welcome you.